York Toll Plaza

Making Travel More Efficient for Maine

Constructed in the 1960s as a temporary barrier plaza for vehicles to take tickets and pay tolls, the York Toll Plaza located at mile 7.3 is being replaced and the old structure removed. The new toll plaza will be moved to mile 8.8 and feature a new electronic highway speed E-ZPass lanes, allowing vehicles to travel without stopping and making travel more efficient.

The Maine Turnpike Association is managing the project, which began in November 2018. The anticipated completion date is June 2021.

Latest Updates

York Toll Plaza

Plaza Project Update – 10/9/20

Lighting above the highway
Northbound ORT lanes with striping. The contractor is hooking up lighting in the background.

Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.                                 Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Contractor Schedule:  The contractor continues to set light poles and hook up lights along the Open Road Toll (ORT) or high-speed lanes prior to opening them up for traffic.  Their sub-contractor, Pike Industries, continues to place surface pavement along the northern end of the project within the ORT lanes as well.  Many locations have been striped for the next phase’s traffic pattern.  TransCore wrapped up the commissioning or testing of the high-speed lanes the first week in October.  This will allow the contractor to swap the project into Phase III.  The contractor anticipates that this will happen the week of October 18th. During Phase III, traffic will travel through the ORT lanes while the cash lanes are being constructed.  At the same time along the southern end of the project, traffic will be shifted to the outside lanes.  This provides space within the median for the barrier to be constructed.  The project will stay in this phase throughout the winter. Tolls will not be collected through the ORT lanes, they will still be collected at the current York Toll Plaza.

Plaza Project Update – 8/28/20

Toll booth progress
Phase 2 North-bound cash lane toll booths are starting to take shape. Lane 7 shown

Contractor: Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Contractor Schedule: Crews continue to work on the cash lanes and toll booths outside the ORT while prep work and layout for surface paving inside the ORT lanes begins. The paving sub-contractor has been paving the widening areas in preparation for phase 3 traffic control, south of the new toll plaza. This will include traffic being shifted to the outer lanes while crews install drainage and concrete median barriers during the fall and winter months. TransCore is working on the commissioning of the newly installed ORT hardware. They have done several test runs and are currently making adjustments to improve accuracy before running additional tests.

Plaza Project Update – 7/17/20

construction workers
Verifying bottom of slab grades for the toll booth in cash lane #3, south bound.

Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Progress to Date:  Crews are currently installing granite curb around island 4, forming the curtain wall in lane 16, and have excavated for the canopy columns in lane 3.  The stormwater ponds were recently loamed and seeded and are complete.  Outside the cash lanes, paving crews are placing base and intermediate pavement layers in shoulder areas and in guardrail widening locations north of the toll plaza.   TransCore is working on their newly installed equipment in the ORT lanes.  They have started their initial commissioning.

Plaza Project Update – 3/25/20

Contractors Reed & Reed and RJ Grondin continue to make progress on the new Open Road Toll Plaza in York. Check out what they have been up to.

In the first photo Reed is assisting Grondin as they set the first of the 6 ½ foot tall precast concrete barrier. These barrier segments are too heavy for their excavator requiring a crane for placement. When put in service this barrier will provide positive separation between the southbound cash lanes and the ORT lanes. In the second photo, Grondin is assisting Reed & Reed cast a light pole (LP) barrier segment. This section of LP barrier serves to separate and illuminate the northbound ORT lanes and cash lanes.


Construction Work

Construction crane

Plaza Project Update – 2/28/20

The contractor continues to install precast barrier along the ORT lanes and cash lanes.  The NB ORT structure is in place and getting data lines pulled into the conduits.  The SB ORT structure should be going up into place in the next couple weeks, if the weather stays mild.  The contractor continues to make progress inside and outside the toll building.  Outside the building, crews are wrapping up the final trim pieces for the metal roof.  On the inside, electrical, finish plumbing, painting, millwork, data, painting, and ceiling crews are working to bring the interior of the building towards a finished product.  The contractor plans to start firing up the systems within the building in the beginning of March.



Plaza Project Update – 1/27/20

Reed and Reed placed the south bound ORT slab the first week of the new year. Since then, their crews have been working on adjacent concrete foundations and footings for the overhead tolling structures and other adjacent work. Their sub-contractors have been working on median barrier, drainage, and the toll building. Inside the building, crews are hanging and taping drywall, installing duct work, running communication and electrical wires, and starting to paint as rooms are roughed in. The water has been connected to the building and we are waiting for CMP to connect the building to permanent power. Inside the tunnel, electricians are running wires and working on electrical panels.

Concrete Barrier Construction
R.J. Grondin crew installs precast concrete median barrier south of the new ORT. (Looking south)

Plaza Project Update 12/17/19

Contractor Schedule: The contractor continues to install drilled shafts for the toll system and light poles inside the construction zone.  Crews placed the northbound ORT (Open Road Tolling) concrete slab recently and are preparing to place the southbound slab the week of December 23rd.  Inside the toll building, many trades are working on rough in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.  Concurrently, crews are building walls, installing insulation, and hanging sheetrock.  On the outside, the roofing contractor has been working on the soffit trim.  Reed & Reed is working on traffic control items in between storm events and cold temperatures.

Plaza Project Update 12/17/19

Plaza Project Update – 10/14/19

LANE CLOSURE: Beginning at 6PM on Tuesday, October 15, the York Toll Plaza construction zone at mile 10 on the mainline of the Turnpike will be down to two lanes of traffic in each direction. This traffic pattern will remain in effect for approximately one month while construction crews complete roadway widening and drainage work that will allow for three lanes of traffic during the second phase of the project. Thank you for your patience.

Plaza Update – 10/1/19

TRAFFIC ALERT: Beginning on Tuesday (10/1) through Thursday (10/3) we will be conducting blasting at the new York Toll Plaza. The blasting will occur up to 2 times per day between the hours of 10am and 2pm. During blasting, traffic will be stopped temporarily in both directions at Mile 7.5 Northbound and Mile 10 Southbound. The stoppage will be very short in duration, but please keep in mind that you may experience a brief delay if you’re traveling through this area during the potential blast hours.

Plaza Project Update – 8/20/19

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Beginning tonight (Tuesday, August 19th) northbound traffic at the York Toll Plaza project at Mile 8.8 will be shifted from its current location to the recently constructed outside lanes. While the switchover is taking place on Tuesday night, traffic will go down to one lane (after 11 PM). This will allow crews to switch the lane striping and relocate barrels and barriers. Once this work is complete (before the Wednesday AM commute), they will reopen traffic to all three lanes. Please note that these lanes will be narrowed from 12 feet to 11 feet and speeds will be reduced from 60 MPH to 50 MPH – please drive safely.

Plaza Project Update – 7/19/19

Toll Plaza Cash Lane Area
Paving northbound – looking at toll plaza cash lane area

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate: 22.75%

Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed completed paving northbound for phase 1 and will begin paving southbound. They completed the closure pour between the tunnel sections and the building foundation. Over the next several weeks they will pave southbound, back fill the building, set the building first floor joists and column, install light pole foundations and street lighting conduit runs. They will also begin setting temporary concrete barrier northbound, loam side slopes in preparation to switch the northbound traffic into phase two mid-September.

Plaza Project Update – 6/24/19

Reed & Reed has set all sections of the tunnel for the first phase of the project.  They have installed several sign foundations and are currently working on the toll building foundation.

RJ Grondin continues to place, grade, and compact Type A gravel.

Pike Industries has started north bound base paving in locations where the Type A gravel has been finished.  Paving and foundation work will continue for the next few weeks.

Based on Reed and Reed’s latest schedule expect traffic to be moved to the new outside lanes sometime in early September so work can begin on median highway speed lanes.

Plaza Project Update 5/17/19

Contractor: Reed & Reed, Inc.
Bid Amount: $39,484,431
Percent Complete last approved pay estimate: 14%
Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021
Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed set the first give pieces of the pre-cast tunnel on the north-bound side. They are preparing to start foundation work for the toll building and are working on sign foundations on the northern end of the project. RJ Grondin continues to process blasted ledge for gravel and is placing type A gravel in anticipation of final grading and base paving in many locations. They continue to install conduit along the access roadway prior to the utility connections. RJ Grondin continues to install pipe extensions in several locations as they widen slopes along the project.

Plaza Project Update 4/22/2019

Contractor removing blasted ledge from the NB plaza approach


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     11%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Project Update: Reed & Reed has completed blasting for the widening areas, the tunnel, and the toll building.  RJ Grondin continues to process blasted ledge for gravel to be used on site.  Pre-cast tunnel sections will be arriving by the end of April.  Contractor plans to install the tunnel sections as soon as they arrive on site.

Project Plaza Update 3/26/19

Rock drill rig


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     11%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed continues to blast ledge; they are expecting to be done with the production blasting by the end of April. They will continue with some spot blasting into May. RJ Grondin, earth subcontractor, continues to excavate and backfill gravel on the shoulders. Over the next several weeks, they will continue shaping the access road, install underground utilities, blasting and gravel work.

Plaza Project Update 2/19/19

Box cutting shoulder and back filling with gravel


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     6%                       

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021. 

Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed completed installation of the relocated water line. They continue to blast ledge, crush the rock into gravel and boxcut the shoulder and install gravel. This work will continue for the next few months.

Plaza Project Update 1/17/2019

Installing waterline


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     4.6%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Project Update: Reed & Reed completed blasting ledge on the access road and began crushing rock to make gravel for the project. Blasting will continue, adjacent to the mainline, for the next couple of months. They are planning to perform two blasts a day between 9am and 2pm. They are scheduled to have the waterline relocated for the York Water District before February. Reed and Reed’s subcontractor, RJ Grondin and Son has been busy box cutting shoulder gravel; they have approximately 24 trucks on site.

Plaza Project Update 12/14/2018

Access Road looking toward Turnpike from Chases Pond Road


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     0%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Project Update: Reed & Reed has been blasting ledge for the new relocation of the water line for the York Water District. They plan to begin blasting ledge for the new access road from Chases Pond Road to the toll administration building the week of 16th, this blasting will not require any turnpike stops until they are within 300 feet of the highway. The clearing operation is completed. Reed & Reed will begin constructing the new embankments for the new cash lanes.

Plaza Project Update 11/9/2018

Top of the knoll will be the future toll plaza


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     0%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Project Update: Reed & Reed has mobilized on site and began flagging clearing limits. Over the next several weeks, they are planning to clear the access road between the turnpike and Chases Pond Road, new waterline relocation and adjacent to the turnpike. They will remove the stumps and soil over the ledge. They are currently planning to begin blasting ledge the beginning of December and it is expected to continue until March.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this project funded?

The project is completely funded through revenue from tolls. The York Toll Plaza generates 

$56 million in tolls each year. It is the toll plaza in the state that generates the most revenue.

How much will this project cost?

The estimated total cost of this infrastructure project is $39 million.

How long will this project take?

Initial work began in November 2018. The anticipated completion date is June 2021.

Who is the contractor?

The contractor for the York Toll Plaza replacement project is Reed & Reed, Inc. based in Woolwich, Maine.  The contractor was selected in October 2018, following a competitive bid process. A contractor for the removal of the old toll plaza has not yet been selected.

How will the project be phased?

During the entire project there will ONLY be 42 days when there will be less than 3 lanes open.

  • Phase 1:  In the fall of 2019, traffic will remain in the existing northbound and southbound lanes with reduced outside shoulder widths. Northbound and southbound lanes on the outside of the existing lanes will be constructed at the new site of the toll plaza.
  • Phase 2:  Traffic will be shifted from existing northbound and southbound lanes to the newly constructed outside lanes to allow work on the middle of the project.
  • Phase 3:  The three travel lanes will be shifted from the outside lanes to the three center lanes and Open Road Tolling (ORT), but ORT lanes will not be operational to collect tolls.

What is happening?

The York Toll Plaza is being replaced and the old structure is being removed. The new toll plaza will be located at mile 8.8 (instead of mile 7.3) and feature the addition of new electronic highway-speed EZ- Pass lanes (six – three in each direction), allowing motorists to travel without stopping and making travel more efficient. Additional facts pertaining to York Toll Plaza Replacement Project:

  • 17 acres of clearing.
  • 47,000 cubic yards of rock excavation.
  • 140, 000 cubic yards of gravel.
  • 80,000 tons of asphalt.
  • 300-foot-long tunnel being built under the roadway.
  • Rebuilding 1.5 miles of interstate.

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