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A modernization collaboration between Maine DOT and MTA

Maine’s continued rise in popularity as a destination for families, foodies, and outdoor enthusiasts has led to a rise in back-ups and traffic jams at the state’s southern gateway, a development that doesn’t benefit anyone. Maine Ahead will modernize two of Maine’s iconic entry points, the Piscataqua River Bridge, and the York Toll Plaza, alleviating the problem and providing a more welcoming entry to the state WITHOUT increasing toll prices. When Maine Ahead is finished, both commuters and visitors will breathe a sigh of relief when they crest the bridge and see Maine’s state line sign welcoming them home.

Latest Updates

Bridge Project Update 8/2/2019

TRAFFIC UPDATE: During the week of August 4th,  crews will be closing one lane on I-95 from Mile 2 southbound across the Piscataqua River Bridge. The lane closure will be AT NIGHT ONLY (from 7 pm – 5 am) Monday through Thursday. Hydro demolition begins this week, which unfortunately is a noisy process. This will continue for two weeks.  After those two weeks, only regular construction noise is anticipated.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bridge Project Update 6/13/19

The Exit 1 southbound on-ramp at Dennett Road in Kittery will be closed indefinitely beginning Tuesday, June 18th at 7 p.m. This is being done to accommodate the work on the Piscataqua River Bridge. In addition, the following lane closures will take place on the Piscataqua Bridge the week of June 17th. 

There will be lane closures Monday through Friday nights starting at 7 p.m. and going until 3:30 a.m. the following morning. The lane closures will be in the southbound lanes only. By 7 p.m., traffic may be restricted to two lanes and by 10 p.m., traffic could be restricted to one lane.

The contractor will be re-stripping the lanes from Exit 2 in Maine and across the bridge to the New Hampshire side. During these hours, the contractor will also be installing temporary concrete barriers to close the shoulder on the Maine approach to the bridge.

Bridge Project Update 6/17/19

We will begin setting up traffic control devices and adding temporary striping, with the assistance of the Maine and/or New Hampshire State Police

Bridge Project Update 6/10/19

We will begin installing signs and setting up message boards with the assistance of the Maine and/or the New Hampshire State Police

Bridge Project Update 5/27/19

Working on access to the site on the Kittery side

Plaza Project Update – 8/20/19

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Beginning tonight (Tuesday, August 19th) northbound traffic at the York Toll Plaza project at Mile 8.8 will be shifted from its current location to the recently constructed outside lanes. While the switchover is taking place on Tuesday night, traffic will go down to one lane (after 11 PM). This will allow crews to switch the lane striping and relocate barrels and barriers. Once this work is complete (before the Wednesday AM commute), they will reopen traffic to all three lanes. Please note that these lanes will be narrowed from 12 feet to 11 feet and speeds will be reduced from 60 MPH to 50 MPH – please drive safely.

Plaza Project Update – 7/19/19

Toll Plaza Cash Lane Area
Paving northbound – looking at toll plaza cash lane area

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate: 22.75%

Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed completed paving northbound for phase 1 and will begin paving southbound. They completed the closure pour between the tunnel sections and the building foundation. Over the next several weeks they will pave southbound, back fill the building, set the building first floor joists and column, install light pole foundations and street lighting conduit runs. They will also begin setting temporary concrete barrier northbound, loam side slopes in preparation to switch the northbound traffic into phase two mid-September.

Plaza Project Update – 6/24/19

Reed & Reed has set all sections of the tunnel for the first phase of the project.  They have installed several sign foundations and are currently working on the toll building foundation.

RJ Grondin continues to place, grade, and compact Type A gravel.

Pike Industries has started north bound base paving in locations where the Type A gravel has been finished.  Paving and foundation work will continue for the next few weeks.

Based on Reed and Reed’s latest schedule expect traffic to be moved to the new outside lanes sometime in early September so work can begin on median highway speed lanes.

Plaza Project Update 5/17/19

Contractor: Reed & Reed, Inc.
Bid Amount: $39,484,431
Percent Complete last approved pay estimate: 14%
Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021
Contractor Schedule: Reed & Reed set the first give pieces of the pre-cast tunnel on the north-bound side. They are preparing to start foundation work for the toll building and are working on sign foundations on the northern end of the project. RJ Grondin continues to process blasted ledge for gravel and is placing type A gravel in anticipation of final grading and base paving in many locations. They continue to install conduit along the access roadway prior to the utility connections. RJ Grondin continues to install pipe extensions in several locations as they widen slopes along the project.

Plaza Project Update 4/22/2019

Contractor removing blasted ledge from the NB plaza approach


Contractor:    Reed & Reed, Inc.

Bid Amount: $ 39,484,431

Percent Complete last approved pay estimate:     11%

Project Schedule: Completion date June 21, 2021.

Project Update: Reed & Reed has completed blasting for the widening areas, the tunnel, and the toll building.  RJ Grondin continues to process blasted ledge for gravel to be used on site.  Pre-cast tunnel sections will be arriving by the end of April.  Contractor plans to install the tunnel sections as soon as they arrive on site.

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